Whispering Sand & Savanna Other Beauty at Mount Bromo

Enjoy the beauty of Sand Whisper and Padang Hijau Savana – Have you heard the term “Whispering Sands” or maybe watching a movie theater background savanna? Of course you wonder does not it, where it was a beautiful place. Whispering Sands is one of the areas contained in the tourist area of ​​Mount Bromo, east java Indonesia despite also being in the country savanna Newzeland. savanna expanse of desert as far as the eye can see visible not bounded by the green grass. and the term “Whispering Sands” themselves appear as fine sand which is very spacious it.

Whispering Sand & Sea Of Sand Green Savana Bromo

As if trying to emulate the fascination we will “Whispering Sands”, at Mount Bromo itself, we can see a very beautiful savanna. Here is quite the opposite of the previous desert Mount Bromo dominated by the vast sea of ​​sand, and another case Savanna So it looks so green and beautiful, very comfortable enjoyed when you were tired with the routine or daily activities are quite stressful.






Whispering Sand & Savanna Other Beauty at Mount BromoSavanna Bromo itself is located near the crater of Mount Bromo. To achieve this, you can walk while enjoying the surrounding scenery is stunning. Not stopping here, the beauty of Mount Bromo more you can feel from the crater of Mount Bromo active and beautiful. Although the mountain is still active Bromo, Bromo holiday travel is not so intrusive and threatening. During the status Bromo volcano itself is relatively safe and has not entered a standby status.

Other beauty secrets of this one trip you can take in the morning. Sunrise, being one spectacular points of Bromo tour packages from the travel. Usually you will be invited to watch the sunrise or sunrise from the summit Penanjakan. In order not to feel rushed, prepare yourself starting at 3am. Usually you still have to go on about half an hour using a jeep from the car park provided.

After reaching the peak Penanjakan, you and other travelers will await the sunrise. For Muslims, it is better to bring equipment prayer time intend to enjoy the panoramic sunrise. Because on top of Puncak Penanjakan ( View Point 1 ), you will not find a mosque or prayer hall is adequate. This is to prevent you fall behind time travel Bromo dawn prayers in a very impressive and the beautiful.

Bottom line, you still have to be prepared if it does not want to fall behind the obligatory dawn prayer time. After enjoying the beauty of the sunrise (sunrise), you can continue the journey to the crater of Mount Bromo. Of peak Penanjakan, you can utilize the leased horse or jeep from the local community. Surely there is a special fee for Bromo on this one, if you do not want to get too tired to walk quite a distance. Please also read >> access to mount bromo from airport 

From this drop-off point, you will have to struggle through about 245 stairs to get to the crater of Mount Bromo. Pretty tiring indeed conquer these stairs, but everything will pay off with Bromo Malang you get. Given the view from the top of the crater itself suffices impressive and no less stunning than other natural beauty. You really will witness an amazing Bromo crater area from close range.

Still not satisfied with some of the view, you will be taken back by the beauty lulled Waterfall. Some travel agents that offer tour packages of mount bromo will usually provide additional programs and some in the city of Probolinggo. Call it falls Madakaripura which remains a beautiful and popular to this day among tourists. Not only that, the other side of your holiday in East Java will be so complete with culinary specialties from the surrounding area. Please also read >> Tour Packages Bromo Madakaripura 2 days 1 Night

Well, if we go to Bromo, do not forget to plan a trip to Whispering Sand & Savanna area, and bring home the experience, knowledge and information that Indonesia has immense natural beauty.

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