Mount Penanjakan Best Point Of Mount Bromo

Mount Penanjakan / Peak of View Point Mount Bromo – Penanjakan  is a highest hill cluster which is the north side of Mount Bromo is a post where monitoring activities of Mount Bromo. In addition to monitoring post, this place is located in Pasuruan regency, this place is also a major destination for local and foreign tourists to witness the charm of the natural beauty of Mount Bromo and ‘The Famous Sunrise’

Mount Penanjakan Best Point Of Mount Bromo Pasuruan East Java

Mount Penanjakan is a very strategic place to get a panoramic eksotic natural tourism area of ​​Mount Bromo, which is due to its height reaches 2770 meters above sea level or higher than Mount Bromo has a height of 2329 meters above sea level.
To reach Mount Penanjakan not an easy matter, requires struggle and courage, as is usually done to reach this place in the early hours with a steep road and had to pass through vast sea of ​​sand in particular through the doorway through Probolinggo, Malang (Overlapping) and Lumajang . While that is relatively easy through Pasuruan.
Arriving at the mountain Penanjakan though we do not have to worry about the middle of the night, because here many stalls that provide food and warm drinks, souvenirs available also as a memento.
To watch ‘The Famous Sunrise’, we have already reached the mountain Penanjakan at 04.00. Can at least find a strategic place in order to get this special moment with the maximum, because this place gets crowded by visitors, especially on holidays. Visitors who come not only domestic tourists but also many foreign tourists who want to see ‘The Famous Sunrise’ this. This moment did not last long, so do not be late if you do not want to regret coming. After ‘The Famous Sunrise’ rising, we can also see the ‘Sea of ​​Sand’ around Mount Bromo range and the mountains around it such as Mount Batok, Gunung Semeru etc.. So amazing, that vast sea of ​​sand eksotic increase when the spread is covered white clouds in some parts, as if we were above the clouds.

After enjoying the scenery from the top of Mount Bromo, Mount Penanjakan, we can directly feel the sensation through the ‘Sea of ​​Sand’ and and climb Mount Bromo to the pick.

Of Mount Penanjakan we stayed down through a fairly steep paved road, after passing down the path we will be faced with a wide expanse of ocean sand. Was not as easy as we imagine it to pass through the sea of ​​sand, to be really careful, especially when using a two-wheeled vehicles.
To come here is recommended to use a rental vehicle tour offered by the management, as the appropriate vehicle field, with local drivers who have skills and experience, we become more assured safety.

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