Java Banana Hotel In Bromo,Wonotoro Village Probolinggo

Hotel Java Banana in Bromo  4 * hotel located in the area of ​​Mount Bromo tourism areas where this hotel is the most luxurious among the other hotel, the distance is still a bit away from the tourist areas bromo. Hotel Java Banana is very well suited for those who are on vacation and travel to the bromo and also suitable for a honeymoon location Bromo because the place is very quiet, the atmosphere fit and cool, this is what makes the location of Java Banana Hotel and Resort to be the primary choice for travelers who take a tour package bromo.

The architecture of Java Banana Hotel and Resort
Java Banana Hotel and Resort in mount bromo design with stunning architecture and modern, good for tropical crafted interior made from the best wood, environmentally friendly and water-based finishing. Each cottage is designed in a beautiful landscape suitable for guests to have a familiarity interaction through outdoor activities also for families or groups because it is located in a strategic place and cozy.

Price & Location Of Java Banana Hotel and Resort

Location of Hotel Java Banana Bromo is in Wonotoro, Sukapura Probolinggo regency, East Java, Java Banana Hotel and Resort is located at 2000 meters above sea level approximately 4 kilometers from gate of Mount Bromo, in a tropical climate mountainuous windy around 15-20 ° C in the daytime day, and 5-10 ° C at night.

View of Java Banana Hotel & Resort.

Around Bromo, you will gain a wonderful insight and experience fresh and airy breeze of the mountain. High peaks creates a magnificent sight to enjoy the spectacular sunrises and sunsets in the area of ​​Java Banana Hotel and Resort this.
Facilities And Rate of Java Banana Hotel Rooms:


Room Type

Price (USD)

Price (IDR)

Java 2 Bromo


USD. 161.84

IDR. 1,990,000

Java Tengger


USD. 121.18

IDR. 1,490,000

Java Tengger

Junior Suite

USD. 295.22

IDR. 3,630,000

Java Executive

Java Executive I

USD. 182.99

IDR. 2,250,000

Java Banana

Superior 1

USD. 73.19

IDR. 900,000

Java Banana

Superior 2

USD 61.00

IDR. 750,000

Java Banana

Family Room

USD. 189.57

IDR. 2,331,000

Family Lodge

Family Lodge

USD 325.31

IDR 4,000,000

Group Lodge

Group Lodge

USD. 406.64

IDR. 5,000,000

Java Banana Bromo Hotel in Wonotoro, Probolinggo : The hotel owns cosy guestrooms and suites divided into 2 room types namely SUPERIOR B, SUPERIOR A. Staffs at Java Banana Bromo hotel in Probolinggo are always looking forward to welcome all value guests with quality services.
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