Cemoro Lawang Village Mount Bromo, Probolinggo East Java

Cemoro Lawang village is the last village of Probolinggo – What do you think of when seeing Views of Mount Bromo as well? Feeling amazed and stunned at the sight of Mount Bromo might be one of them. Yes, that’s the reality, the beauty of Mount Bromo is indeed make those wide-eyed wonder and really very beautiful, Panorama is located in East Java nature. The scenery can we call The Amazing of Bromo.

If we want to visit to Mount Bromo, so we had to go to the last village in advance is Cemoro Lawang village, the village is located before the sea of sand Mount Bromo, the village where the indigenous population called Bromo Tengger tribe is located at an altitude 2.200Mdpl, with a height such that , the cold will envelop our skin, especially in the evening and the morning of day, but do not worry this place a lot of hotels around cemoro lawang

Although relatif active, Mount Bromo tour has always been a favorite among local and foreign tourists every year. The Amazing typical landscape with a background of Bromo Mount Batok, Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru is one of the best sights to see in Indonesia.

To get a view of the Bromo typical, we can see from the heights Pananjakan, namely Mount Pananjakan I and II. Located not too far from the village Cemoro Lawang. Pananjakan is the highest point of the circuit Tengger caldera. From here we can enjoy the scenic beauty typical Bromo with sea sand. To go Pananjakan, we could walk, use a motorbike or jeep that has become public transportation in Bromo area.

The tourists who visit Bromo, usually pursue a moment to see sunrise of mount Bromo from Pananjakan. To enjoy the sunrise moment, then we must be willing to get up early. Activities pursue Bromo Tour will begin at 03.00 am local time. Extremely cold temperatures we will feel. It is recommended to use a thick heating jacket, trousers plus headgear, scarves, thick socks and gloves.

Having reached the top Pananjakan maybe we will see many tourists waiting times of sunrise appeared, local and foreign tourists gather in this place, when the weather is sunny, the Sunrise which emerged from the eastern horizon will be more beautiful and enchanting.

When we looked in the direction of Mount Bromo, the position of the rising sun will come from the left side. Sunrise rays will provide a beautiful color touch directly into the Bromo caldera. At certain times, the sea of ​​sand Bromo will be covered by fog. And it will be an amazing sight to be seen, whether it be from Pananjakan or from other locations in Mount Bromo National park

Finished enjoying the view of The Amazing of Bromo in Pananjakan. The tourists usually will immediately drops down to feel the sand ocean and climb Mount Bromo Bromo itself. Ocean sand will easily bypassed if we use transportation Jeep or motorcycle that has special tires for sandy terrain. In the sea of ​​sand Bromo location also include a temple, the Pura Poten in Feet Bromo crater. Tengger natives used to use the temple for a ceremony which is celebrated every year Kasodo.

Bromo, an Indonesian natural tourist destinations that are worth visiting. Not too hard if we want to reach a location Bromo, because public transportation is readily available to Bromo. Additionally, lodging in the area of ​​Bromo also widely available. Start of houses, Melati class hotels, and hotels. Let’s Go Visit Bromo.

How to get to Mount Bromo Probolinggo, East Java ?

How To reach Mount Bromo natural tourist destinations there are several alternatives. Among them, either through Probolinggo City or can be of Malang.

From Probolinggo
If you use public transport from Probolinggo, can be reached from Surabaya by bus going towards Terminal Bayuangga Probolinggo, Probolinggo mileage Surabaya takes 3 hours for a normal time, after arriving in town probolinggo you can ride public transportation to the bromo or village perch (Cemoro Lawang) Public transport in the form of Elf will take us to the hotel in Bromo area (Cemoro Lawang)

From Malang
Look for public transportation to Terminal Arjosari, from there you can change the public transport to markets overlap, the distance of time is needed to Arjosari about 45 minutes, after arriving in Overlapping, there are many special transport in the form of a jeep that will bring to the area bromo, just the cost will be a little more expensive than usual, Olehkarena it should bring the group if you want to save even more, for Overlapping time to Bromo takes about 1.5 hours drive.

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