How To Reach Mount Bromo, Easy Access to Cemoro Lawang ?

How To Reach Mount Bromo, Easy Access to Cemoro Lawang ?, Tour And Travel to Mount Bromo Volcano
Gunung Bromo Tour and Travel will be a little review about the easy access for travel / road – the road that can be addressed to Mount Bromo, did you already know that which is the most beautiful mountain sunrise it in the country ?  yes, just one answer is Mount Bromo, and Semeru an active volcano in East Java which is equipped with a cluster of mountains such as Mount Semeru, Mount Widodaren, Mount Batok and Mount Penanjakan, Come to Mount Bromo, Probolinggo, East Java . There is a thrill to see the sun slowly emerged from behind the eastern mountain and clouds was under our eyes. Like float on top of the mountain . sunrise itself can be reached by trekking Mount Penanjakan, or through Trekking Mount Semeru to mountaintop of Mahameru in one with the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park >> please also check >>  Package Tour to Mount Semeru 4 Days 3 Nights 
From Jakarta to Mount Bromo can be reached in two ways. Over the air directly purchase tickets from Jakarta to Surabaya. Almost all the national airline of open lines of Jakarta-Surabaya and international flghts to surabaya Air Port directly
bromo cemero lawang

Reach Cemoro Lawang ing Bromo, Easy Access to Mount Bromo

If you want easier to access Mount Bromo there are two alternatives that can be reached easily and not complicated: D

for the first method,
– You can hire Bromo Tour Package Offers / Mount Bromo Tourism | Bromo Tour, which is relatively affordable,
you will be picked up by the service TOUR AND TRAVEL at Juanda Surabaya airport / railway station in Surabaya, after which lagsung to the area of ​​Mount Bromo, and the TOUR AND TRAVEL akomudasi juaga will provide transportation to the hotel and Penajakan the next morning to see the sunrise Bromo and the crater and the start of our tour route surabaya bromo tour that will end in surabaya

If you want easier access to mount bromo there are two alternatives that can be reached easily and not complicated :)

for the second method,
Access to mount bromo from surabaya Arriving at Juanda airport there are options Damri bus that brought us to the bus terminal Bungurasih Surabaya. Select the bus or Banyuwangi Jember majors. To the bus conductor, say that you want to go down in Probolinggo.
Until Probolinggo Terminal, you can ride the transit village district Ngadisari majors, it will cost about 25 thousand dollars. But do not be surprised. Transit village awaiting passengers until full, only then he would leave. So rather long wait that long colt type car to leave.
Through the railway line, a lot of choices for you, ranging from economy to executive class. You can take the train executives Agro economic orchids or train non-AC New Styles to Surabaya.
From the Railway Station Gubeng, Surabaya, you can ride Railways Eastern Pearl Surabaya-Banyuwangi majors departing at 09.00 am each day. You buy a ticket until the station Probolinggo only. Probolinggo Station can take public transportation to the bus terminal to replace the shuttles Probolinggo village to district Ngadisari, the last town before to Mount Bromo.
If you want to take the bus directly to Probolinggo executives, there is a choice of several bus Bus Terminal Lebakbulus executives in Jakarta majoring Jember or Banyuwangi. You simply buy a ticket from Jakarta to Probolinggo majors only.
Upon arriving at the MOUNT BROMO NATIONAL PARK in District Ngadisari many treats you’ll stay options. Could be in hotels or houses are roommate just 100 to 200 thousand dollars. Affairs stomach need not worry. There are plenty of food stalls selling drinks and hot food to reduce the cold air of Mount Bromo.
To see the sunrise to Mount Bromo located at Penanjakan. You need to hire a jeep hardtop to take you across the sea of ​​sand. The rental price of about 300 to 400 thousand dollars per car.
To rent a car you can venture a few tourists. One car enough for seven people. You must have already booked this jeep at night. Owner of the hotel at 3:00 pm will wake you up to go see the sunrise. Driver jeep here is very adept at driving his car in a dark sea of ​​sand.
Do not forget to bring a jacket, scarf, gloves, hat and earmuffs. Because in addition to the cold, high winds also make you cold. Very fortunate if you come not in a state of cloudy weather so freely see the sunrise.
At around 4:45 pm the sun will rise slowly. About 30 minutes you will be amazed at the beauty of the sunrise until the sun bright and the peak of Mount Bromo  seen adjacent to Mount Batok.
Do not be surprised many visitors who applauded when the sun comes up slowly because of its beauty has sensation. We will feel on top of the clouds to see the mist beneath danced on Mount Bromo. The peak of Mount Semeru also visible from a distance back to Mount Bromo.
Once satisfied with the photos in Penanjakan, you can jump to the crater of Mount Bromo. Rented jeep will take you to a final stop near the temple at the foot of Mount Bromo.
To rise to the top of the crater of Mount Bromo, you can take the stairs up to the top. If do not want to achieve, Anad can rent a horse at a cost of 100 thousand dollars. You will ride a horse with a guided horse owners so you can be safe in the saddle a horse without worrying the horse run.
From the top of Mount Bromo crater you will see first hand a little smell of sulfur. The scenery in the form of sand and sea beauty looks graceful Hindu temple in the distance the mountains.
The horses were parked waiting for visitors renting also add to the beauty of the scenery. On the other side of Mount Bromo, Mount Batok can also be seen that looks like a giant layered cake shape because the shape of the mountain like layers.
After being photographed atop Mount Bromo fun you can get ready to get down from a peak towards Ngadiari. Certainly returned with a rented jeep up the faithful waiting for you to come back to the inn. Do not forget to deal with the price of your rental jeep driver had to detail, from the shuttle returned to the inn to inn. Do not forget to stop occasionally for photographs and in the area of ​​Mount Bromo is also present Madakaripura Falls, not far from Mount Bromo national park, you can stop to that place and you have to add packages Waterfalls Tour Planning Madakaripura  of  you

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